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 Work Permits  
Panorama Immigration offers 17 years of experience with work permit filings.  Our experience comes from working with major foreign corporations established in the United States and managing immigrant small business applications.  No job is too large or small.
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 Student Visas 
Panorama Immigration has helped thousands of students from California to New Jersey file their student visas, coordinate their filings with schools at all levels.  We also help students avoid deportation by accessing DACA programs where applicable.
Immigration forms, Immigration application, Petitioner, Beneficiary, Citizenship, Ciudadania, formularios, llenar formularios, solicitaciones, residencia, permanent residence, temporary residence, USCIS
 Citizenship Application 
Panorama Immigration makes your U.S. Citizenship filing a breeze.  We have helped many foreign born immigrants prepare and achieve U.S. Citizenship regardless of age, skill level, disability, or medical condition.  We cover it all, so you can confidently tackle any question and succeed!
Preparación de la entrevista, Preparation for interview, Communication, Comunicaciones, Immigration, Inmigracion, Familia, Family, Mediation, Mediación
 Interview Preparation 
Panorama Immigration is your best ally when it comes to interview preparation.  We have many references to our credit that describe their interview as a comfortable and positive experience.  What's our secret?  There is no secret, we just help you prepare for your interview on a personal level to leave no doubt in your mind as to what to expect.
Patrocinacion de familia, petición familia, solicitud, application, Immigration, Family Sponsorship, Adjustment of Status, Visas, Visa
 Family Sponsorship 
When it comes to Family Sponsorship, how you fill out your forms and answer questions could literally mean the difference between you living with family members or unnecessarily delaying contact.  At Panorama Immigration we cover all the bases and ensure all goes well with your family petition.  We have many satisfied clients with extraordinary references, and we also have the distinction of never having a family petition rejected.
Extension of Status, Extensión de estatus, Spanish, español, Hablamos español, Visa, Visas, Viaje, Travel, Permiso, Waiver, Permission, Exención, inmunidad, Immigration
 Extension Of Status 
Whether your employer requires you to work in the United States or you need to extend your stay for any other reason, Panorama Immigration ensures accuracy in your application, timely filings and keeps track of stays to give you the best presentation possible when filing your petitions with USCIS, even when your employer gives up on you.  Yes, we have seen this happen, it could change your life for the worse.  Let us help you regain your freedom from your employer's restrictive policies. We understand how hard you worked to secure your new life, liberty and property in the United States.
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