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  Solutions for immigrant
families... solutions for all...
because we are all children
of immigrants

Panorama Immigration is a full-service immigration consulting firm dedicated to helping our clients confidently pursue their immigration status adjustment goals with years of proven results. Our firm is focused on each of our client's individual immigration needs.  We work at your express direction to prepare the most budget conscious and effective immigration filings.

Supplying services for:

> Work Permits


> Student Visas


> Citizenship Applications


> Family Sponsorship

Luz and Silverio photo 3.jpg

  Luz Marina and Silverio Cortese

" Doctor Enrique Biasotti good afternoon. Thanks for the accompaniment and advice to our concerns, for the good and timely presentation of our documents before immigration, let us tell you that we highly recommend you as a serious, responsible, respectful and compliant person, in addition to the fact that we will continue to use your services to continue with the process of family reunification of our children. Again, thank you very much and God bless you."

March 7, 2022

Marmora, New Jersey

  Cynthia Gonzalez, 25  

As a young recruit in the Army, I was given the opportunity to earn my legal permanent residence in the United States in exchange for my commitment to my military service after the unfortunate events of 9/11/2001.  Sadly, I injured my back in a basic training drill and the Army considered me ineligible to adjust my status in the United States.  After I completed my medical treatment and recovered from my back injury, I sought out Panorama Immigration and set up a consultation.  Enrique lent a compassionate ear and after asking several questions realized I had an opportunity to file for adjustment of status through marriage.  It never occurred to me to apply through marriage because my partner and I are the same gender.  Enrique calmly and politely explained that the government changed their policy several years ago and he helped me apply for my legal residency.  As a disabled veteran, LGBTQ, immigrant I owe a great debt of gratitude to Enrique of Panorama Immigration for helping me get through some hard times.

                               Queens, New York


  Peter Varela, 43  

My wife and I were forced to immigrate. We used Panorama Immigration services because we had no second chances and needed the assistance of the best consultant. 

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